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What are the classifications of drawer slides

What are the classifications of drawer slides

What are the classifications of drawer slides? Today I will introduce the classification of drawer slides in detail, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  Steel ball slide

  Fully pull out the steel ball drawer slide. The steel ball slide is basically a two-section or three-section metal slide. The more common structure is the structure installed on the side of the drawer, which is simpler to install and saves space. Good-quality steel ball drawer slide rails can ensure smooth sliding and large bearing capacity. Such slide rails can have the function of buffering closing or pressing and rebounding to open. In modern furniture, steel ball slides are gradually replacing roller-type slides and become the main force of modern furniture slides.

  Roller drawer slide

  Sliding drawer slide. This type of slide rail has been around for a long time. It is the first generation of silent drawer slide rails. Since 2005, it has been gradually replaced by steel ball slide rails in the new generation of furniture. The roller slide structure is relatively simple, consisting of one pulley and two tracks, which can meet the daily push and pull needs, but has a poor bearing capacity and does not have buffering and rebound functions. It is commonly used on computer keyboard drawers and light drawers. 

drawer slides

  Gear slide

  Hidden slides. This type of slide rail has hidden slide rails, riding slide rails and other slide rail types, which are medium to high-end slide rails. The gear structure is used to make the slide rails very smooth and synchronized. Such slide rails also have buffer closing or pressure rebound The open function is mostly used for middle-to-high-end furniture. Because it is relatively expensive and rare in modern furniture, it is not as popular as steel ball slides. Such slides are the future trend. 

  Damping slide

  The damping slide is a kind of slide rail, which refers to a kind of sound absorption and cushioning effect that provides a cushioning effect that utilizes liquid. The selection of slide rail fast and easy automation is included. It relies on a completely new technology to adapt the closing speed of the drawer. When the drawer is closed to the last distance, the hydraulic pressure is used to slow down the speed and reduce the impact force to form a comfortable effect when closed. Even if the force is used to push the drawer, it will close gently to ensure perfect and soft movement. Including fixed rail, middle rail, movable rail, ball, clutch and bumper, the bumper is installed in the fixed rail; the bumper includes a piston rod, a housing, a piston, and a through hole and a hole are arranged on the piston, and the piston rod drives When the piston moves, the liquid can flow from one side to the other through the through hole, so as to buffer and dampen. Commonly used for push-pull activities of drawers.

  The above is an introduction to the classification of drawer slides. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the classification of drawer slides.

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